Computer Use

Who May Access Computers

Computers in E. H. Butler Library are for the use of Buffalo State students, faculty, staff, and emeriti faculty and staff.  Buffalo State usernames and passwords are required to logon to a computer.

Guest logons are available for individuals who have a temporary educational affiliation with Buffalo State, such as visiting scholars or students from other colleges or universities, or for members of the Friends of E. H. Butler Library.  Issuance of guest passes is at the discretion of the library.

Acceptable Use

Computers are intended for the academic use of students, faculty, and staff.  Playing games, while permissible, may be cause for a staff member to ask the user to transfer the computer to another who needs it for academic use.

Computers which feature specialized software may be reassigned if the patron is not using the specialized software and another patron needs it.

Using New York State resources to operate a for-profit enterprise is strictly prohibited. Displaying, downloading, or printing sexually explicit pictures, cartoons, or the like may be considered sexual harassment. Butler Library will report to University Police any complaints of sexual harassment that may result from displaying, downloading, or printing sexually explicit materials on the computers in the library.

Additional links to campus computer policy information for students, faculty, and staff:

Student E-mail Policy

Resident Student Computing Policy

Policy on the Use of Electronic Resources by Faculty and Staff


E. H. Butler Library welcomes patrons of all ages. However, concern for the safety of children as well as proper stewardship of library resources prompts the following:

  • A child is defined as anyone who appears to be under the age of sixteen.
  • A responsible adult must accompany children in the library at all times. The presence of unaccompanied children will be reported to University Police.
  • A child who is disruptive, uses library resources inappropriately, or damages library materials or equipment, will be reported to University Police.
  • Butler Library computers are intended for the use of Buffalo State students, faculty, and staff. As computers do not have content filters, adults may not log children on to use the computers.

Library staff members are not expected to act as police officers nor are they expected to search for accompanying adults or determine the ages of children. All problems or issues will be reported to University Police.

Food & Drink
  • Consumption of food and drinks in Butler Library is restricted to the entrance lobby area, the StudyQuad lounge, and the Argo Tea Café. Food and drinks may also be consumed in the Program Center (BUTL 210) during meetings and special events.
  • Library patrons possessing closed beverage containers will be permitted in other areas of the library.
  • Library patrons with food or uncovered beverage containers will be directed to the designated areas indicated above.

Why is eating and drinking restricted to certain areas of the library?

Food attracts mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, and other insects. These unwanted guests not only destroy library materials, but also pose a health hazard to library users and staff. Extermination of rodents and insects can be costly, toxic to the environment, and inhumane.

Spills cause stains and damage books, journals, library equipment, and furnishings. The moisture from a spilled drink is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold growth physically destroys materials, may produce offensive odors, and can produce adverse health effects, especially in individuals with allergies or asthma.

By restricting food to a few locations away from books and computers and requesting that beverage containers are covered, we limit the chances of infestation and damage, and our custodial staff can more easily keep the building clean.

What can I do?

  • Observe the library’s Food and Drink Policy
  • Dispose of your trash. There are garbage cans located throughout the library—please use them!
  • Report any spills to library staff for clean up.
  • Cooperate with library staff and University Police Student Assistants if they ask you to take your meal into the lobby.

Please respect your fellow library users. Help make Butler Library a cleaner, healthier place to study and work!


E. H. Butler Library constantly strives to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and casual, but above all, conducive to reading, research, and study.

Library users are expected to be considerate of other users by keeping noise to a minimum.

Cell Phones - The use of cell phones contributes to noise problems in the library. Library users are asked to:

  • Make all calls in the lobby areas of the library.
  • Use the silent signal function as the alert for incoming calls.
  • When a call is received, please place the caller on hold and move to the lobby to talk.


  • Students who wish to work together in groups should reserve one of the group study rooms in StudyQuad using the online reservation form.
  • Students who wish to work together in groups while eating and drinking should gather in the Lobby.
  • Students who wish to converse or socialize should gather in the Lobby, the Rooftop Garden.


  • Students looking for a quiet area should go to one of the library’s three QuietQuads: the quiet computer lab on the first floor, the second floor northwest quadrant, or the third floor northwest quadrant.
  • Students with disabilities who require an extraordinarily quiet environment should contact Amy Rockwell, the Disability Access Services Librarian, at 878-6321 to make arrangements.

Computers - The Creativity Commons, StudyQuad, and QuietQuad all offer computers for student use. Library staff members are available to assist students with the use of these resources, so a certain a.m.ount of conversation is to be expected. Computers, keyboards, printers, and copiers in these areas also contribute to general background noise.

Service Desks - One should expect a certain level of noise at service desks where staff must converse with patrons and each other.

Special Events - Occasionally a special event is scheduled in the library. There may be some noise or other disruption for the duration of the event.

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