Circulation Services

Stop at the Circulation Services Desk in the lower lobby if you have questions about borrowing and renewing materials, loan periods, class reserves, overdue fines, lost books, holds, searches, recalls, or lost and found items.

Bengal Card Photographs

Photographs for Bengal Cards, Buffalo State's multi-purpose photo ID cards, are taken at the Circulation Desk.

Borrowing Materials

Buffalo State faculty, staff, and students may borrow books and reserve materials at the Circulation Desk and media items at the Media Services Desk upon presentation of a valid Bengal Card, Buffalo State's multi-purpose photo ID card. (Anyone not affiliated with Buffalo State should check For Alumni and Visitors.) Patrons who check out library materials become responsible for those materials until they are officially checked in again.

Transit Passes

Incoming freshmen and undergraduate transfer students are issued Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) transit passes along with their Bengal Card at orientation. Other undergraduates may obtain a transit pass at the library's Bengal Card station. The NFTA Buffalo State Student Transit Pass program provides undergraduate students with unlimited access to the NFTA Metro Bus and Rail System, including the #206 campus circulator.

NFTA transit passes are free for undergraduates, supported by the mandatory Transportation Fee. When using an NFTA transit pass, students must also present their Bengal Card. There is a replacement charge of $10.00 for lost or stolen transit passes.

Important change to the Metro Xtras discount program currently offered to all of our college and university student passholders:

Beginning this fall, the NFTA will no longer be providing separate Metro Xtras discount cards to students. Instead, students will only need to present a current Metro College/University Unlimited Access Pass in order to receive discounts at participating vendors.

Metro Xtras is a value-added discount program that allows members to take advantage of savings and special offers with several of the most popular merchants throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region. For more information about Metro Xtras (including a list of participating merchants) or the College/University Unlimited Access Pass Program, please visit or call 855-7672.

Change of Address

Patrons are responsible for notifying the library of any change of address or phone number. Address information is not received directly from the Registrar's Office. Failure to notify the library may result in problems when trying to contact patrons regarding holds, overdues, and fines. Failure to receive mail is not grounds for reduction or cancellation of fines.

Course Reserves

Reserve materials are items such as library books, personal books, videos, copies of journal articles, book chapters, and examinations that faculty would like kept separated from the general library collection and assigned shorter loan periods to assure greater availability to students.

Students who wish to borrow reserve materials can search Course Reserves, make a printout of the needed items, and take it to the Circulation Desk or, for nonbook items such as videos, to Media Services. No more than three reserve items may be checked out at one time. Reserve material may not be renewed.

Faculty will find information about placing materials on reserve for class use in Butler Library's reserve guidelines.

Distance Learners

Students who are enrolled in a distance learning course at Buffalo State who do not reside on campus and who do not attend any other classes on the Buffalo State campus are eligible for distance learning library circulation services, including a Buffalo State photo-exempt ID card. You will need to provide your full name, address, phone number, and Social Security Number.

Butler Library will mail books owned by the library directly to distance learners, with return mailers for your convenience. Please note that we cannot mail items to a post office box. Interlibrary Loan services are also available to distance learners for items not owned by Butler Library. Distance learners accept responsibility for the care and protection of library materials and are subject to standard fees and fines for lost, damaged, and overdue materials.

Special arrangements can be made to mail books owned by Butler Library to any Buffalo State student for a fee. If you need to use this service, call Maureen Lindstrom, Associate Director for Information Commons, at 878-6236 or send e-mail to


If a patron wishes to obtain an item that is checked out, a request to put a hold on that item may be made at the Circulation Desk. A notice will then be sent to the person who has checked out the item, asking them to return it. Once the item is returned, it will be held for ten days for the new borrower.

Loan Periods

The loan period for books is 28 days unless the book is recalled, in which case the due date is revised. Loan periods vary depending on material format and on your status as faculty, staff, or student. Patrons should note the due date marked on each item. Days and times the library is closed are not included when determining the due date.

Lost and Found

Circulation Services is the library's central lost and found location. Items should be taken to and claimed from the Circulation Desk.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Buffalo State students, faculty, and staff are responsible for all materials checked out on their Butler Library account. If an item is lost or damaged, the library should be contacted immediately. An item not returned within 25 days of its due date will be considered lost.

If a book or media item is lost, or damaged beyond repair according to library standards, the borrower will be charged as follows:

  • Replacement cost of $70.00. This amount may be more if an item is of greater value.
  • Processing fee of $20.00.
Any accumulated fines if the item is overdue.

NOTE: This policy does not apply to materials borrowed from other libraries through ILLiad, interlibrary loan. If interlibrary loan materials are lost or damaged, Butler Library honors the policy set by the lending library and will pass on those charges to the borrower.

Overdue Fines

Patrons assume the responsibility of keeping track of due dates and returning materials on time. As a courtesy, patrons will be notified after an item becomes overdue. Failure to receive a notice does not exempt patrons from fines. Unpaid fines can result in suspension of borrowing privileges, cancellation of registration, blocked transcripts, and delayed graduation. Overdue and other fines can be paid using cash, credit card or Bengal Bucks.

Books$0.50 per day to a maximum of $15.00
Media$0.50 per day to a maximum of $15.00
Reserve Materials: 2 hours or overnight$0.50 per hour
3 or 7 days$2.00 per day
Recalled Items$2.00 per day

Library materials are subject to immediate recall if needed for class reserves. A fine of $2.00 per day is levied for failure to respond to a recall notice.


Books can be renewed at the Circulation Desk, by telephone (878-6303), or by completing the online Book Renewal Form. The sixteen-digit number from your Bengal Card and the barcode number from the back of the book are needed in order to renew your books. Renewals should be made on or before the due date. Books cannot be renewed that are on hold for another user, have been renewed two times before, or if your library record is blocked. Reserve material, interlibrary loan material, and media items cannot be renewed online. In order to renew books at the end of a semester, students must be registered for the next semester. Charges for overdue books will be added to your library record.

Returning Materials

Library materials from the general circulating collection and reserve materials must be returned to the Circulation Desk. Media items must be returned to the Media Services room. Users are encouraged to request receipts when library materials are returned. No claims regarding return of library materials will be honored without a library-issued receipt. Outdoor book drops may also be used to return books. Please do not put reserve or media items in the book drops. Book drops are located in the front of the library to the left of the front door and at the back of the library on the loading dock.


Patrons who cannot locate library materials that should normally be on the shelves may request a search for such items at the Circulation Desk. These materials may be on book trucks in transit to the stacks, misplaced, or lost. Please allow approximately two to three days for search results.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Library privileges are suspended whenever fines of $10.00 or more have accumulated, or when a bill of replacement has been sent. Privileges will be restored when all fines have been paid.

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Marsha Jurkowski

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