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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

LGBTQ+ Resources: Restrooms

Creating Inclusive Spaces

Why gender inclusive restrooms?

In short, because everyone deserves the right to use the restroom without fear of discrimination, harassment, or violence.

Many transgender and gender nonconforming people face deep discomfort, discrimination, harassment, or even violence simply for using the restroom. Most restrooms are exclusive to "Men" and "Women" leaving members of our community without a safe space to use the restroom. Providing gender inclusive restrooms that are available to anyone regardless of gender identity or expression allows everyone to use the restroom in safety and peace. Parents or caregivers of a different gender also benefit from gender inclusive restrooms.

What is a gender inclusive restroom?

Simply, a restroom that is open to all genders rather than gender-specific (e.g. Men or Women).

Currently, all of Buffalo State's gender inclusive restrooms are single-stall, locking restrooms. Signage for these restrooms does not always indicate that they are single-stall or gender inclusive. Restrooms will use either "Unisex" or "Family" signage.

For a listing of gender neutral restrooms available beyond Buffalo State, check out REFUGE Restrooms.

Map of Gender Inclusive (Unisex) Restrooms at Buffalo State

Listing of Gender Inclusive (Unisex) Restrooms at Buffalo State

Alumni & Visitor Center207 & 208
Bacon Hall311
Buckham Hall B WingB203* & B204*
Bulger Communication Center107* & 149
Burchfield Penney Art Center132
E. H. Butler Library126 & 127 (offline until renovation is complete, spring 2020)
Campbell Student Union308A*
Caudell Hall128*
Houston Gym222*
Science & Mathematics Complex00A*
South Wing108*, 133, 135, 320D
Technology Building156*
Upton Hall137E*, 218*, 313*
Weigel Health Center101A, 101C, & 202
*Denotes accessible restrooms
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