Getting Started

Get the most out of the Artstor Digital Library:

Register for a free account Register to create image groups, download images, export content to PowerPoint, get access away from campus and on mobile devices, and much more. Registered instructors can add shareable notes to content and create folders to organize image groups. While at your campus, go to and click on the Register link on the upper right corner. Note that you will need to log in to your registered user account at your subscribing institution once every 120 days to maintain your remote access.

Register for an Account

Register for a User Account

  1. When you first register for a user account, you must be on-site at your institution or logged in through your institution’s proxy server.  Access the Artstor Digital Library.
  2. In the Log In area at the upper right side of the screen, click Register
  3. A registration form will appear. Enter a valid email address, password, your role at your institution, and the academic department you are affiliated with. DO NOT use symbols (e.g., ? /\ <>+ # %) or diacritics (e.g., é å ï ñ ô).
  4. Use the check boxes to opt-in or out of our monthly newsletter and annual user survey.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. You will automatically be logged in to your new account. The Log In area will change to display a welcome message and your email address.

Finding Images

There are two main methods of finding images in ARTstor: Searching or Browsing.


To search for images in the Digital Library, you can either conduct a keywords search or advanced search.


Browsing allows you to find images in the Digital Library without using a specific search term.  You can browse Digital Library collections by geography, Artstor classification, or collection.

​More about ARTSTOR browsing...