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How to find photobooks in Butler Library.


Photobooks in the Library

Browsing vs Searching for Photobooks

There are two techniques to use when trying to locate photobooks in the library on a particular topic or photographer: browsing and searching. Each technique has its benefits and drawbacks, so use the one that works best for you and your topic.

Use a library map to find books in the stacks (general collection/shelves).

The following photography-related subject terms may be helpful when searching for photobooks in the library using Summon or the library catalog. Subject terms are precise words used to organize information, much like hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

To search Summon by Subject Terms, use the Advanced Search option or copy and paste the following into the search bar: SubjectTerms:(YOUR SUBJECT TERM)

Pro Tip: Try using the name of a photographer as both subject and author when searching for books on or by an individual (ex: SubjectTerms:(Leibovitz, Annie) or Author:(Leibovitz, Annie)). For more about constructing searches in Summon, view the Finding & Using Books FAQ's.

Applied photography
Architectural photography
Commercial photography
Documentary photography
Fashion photography
Landscape photography

Artists' Books
Pictorial Works

Photography, Abstract
Photography, Artistic--19th century
Photography, Artistic--20th century
Photography, Artistic--21st century

Photography, Artistic-[name of state or country]
Photography, Artistic--Archives
Photography, Artistic Catalogs
Photography, Artistic Exhibitions

Photography, Artistic--History
Photography, Artistic--Philosophy
Photography, Artistic--Social aspects
Photography, Artistic--Themes, motives

Photography--Social aspects


If you want to browse the stacks (general collection), TR is the Library of Congress classification for photography and is the beginning component for most photography books.

Pro Tip: If browsing is your only technique, you may miss important works that are shelved elsewhere in the library. Since the library is organized by subject, photobooks about a particular subject or location will be classified in a different section of the library (ex: photobooks on horses may appear in SF and photobooks on Japan may appear in DS).

TR1 Periodicals
TR6 Exhibitions, museums, General works by country
TR9 Dictionaries, encyclopedias
TR15 History, general
TR21-TR127 By country

TR139-TR140 Biography
TR144 Early works to 1850
TR145 Works 1850-
TR146-TR151 Handbooks, manuals
TR161 Study and teaching
TR179 Composition
TR199 Catalogs

TR250-TR265 Cameras
TR267 Digital photography
TR287-TR500 Processing, Darkroom techniques

TR510-TR545 Color photography
TR550-TR581 Studio & laboratory
TR590-TR620 Lighting

TR640-TR688 Artistic photography
TR645.A-TR645.Z by city
TR646.A-TR646.Z by country

TR647.A-TR647.Z Individual photographers
TR651 1800-1850
TR652 1851-1900
TR653 1901-1950
TR654 1951-2000
TR655 2001-

TR659 Architectural photography
TR660 Landscape photography
TR680-TR681 Portrait photography
TR820 Photojournalism & documentary

Finding & Using Books FAQ's

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