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Event Information

This event was made possible by:

Grant Allocation Committee Buffalo Game Space

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  • Bengal Chase - Photo scavenger hunt with fun and prizes! Play now through Dec. 1.
  • International Games Day @ Your Library -  The Buffalo & Erie County Public Library will have a day of fun and games on Nov. 21 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Downtown Central Library. Part of the American Library Association's International Games Day @ Your Library.

Event Description

Gaming is an increasingly important social, cultural, and capitalistic aspect of our daily lives. Gaming has been transformed from a purely recreational activity to a viable career option for many disciplines at Buffalo State and has impacted our daily cultural lives in many ways.

This four-day event, Game as Culture and Career, highlights both the cultural and career sides of gaming. Students and the community will have opportunities to meet and network with game industry professionals and to discuss the cultural impacts of gaming with experts and researchers in the field. Experts and entrepreneurs from Buffalo Game Space, a local non-profit game developer community, will join researchers from Buffalo State and University at Buffalo in Butler Library to bring these conversations to the Buffalo State campus.

The campus community will also have the opportunity to see and demo locally produced games and to meet with their designers at the Game Demo Night. The culmination of this event will be the Are You Game?! open gaming night. C.R.A.G.G., Buffalo State's student gaming club, will be on hand to run tournaments and help manage the event.


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