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Children's Literature Comprehensive Database: Tutorials on Using CLCD

Video: Search Using CLCD 

This video will show you the basic points of searching in CLCD. After finding a title that interests you, this video will show you how to connect from CLCD to the Butler Library Primo ALL-Search tool to locate titles in your library! 

CLCD Hints & Best Practices 

1. Login on the top right side of the screen to access your account. Create an account using your email. Having an account will allow you to create reading lists, review your search history, and save searches. 

This image shows the MY CLCD LOGIN link at the top right of the webpage. The link is circled in red

2. CLCD Database is connected to the Butler Library Primo ALL-Search Catalog. 
You may search through the 3,000,000 titles in CLCD by selecting Universe of Books. These are titles we my not necessarily have access to. However, by selecting SUNY Buffalo State College, you can limit your search to only the titles available in E. H. Butler Library Curriculum Materials Lab. 

This image shows the choice of selecting universe of books or Buffalo State College located on the CLCD search page

3. When searching for titles in the Universe of Books, results that feature a RED HEART after the title are featured in the Butler Library Curriculum Materials Lab. This means that the title most likely available to be checked out. 

This shows three results from a search in CLCD. The third result has a red heart after the title, indicating the book is part of the Butler Library Collection

4. After an initial search you can continue to add filters to your search on the left side pane. 
This image shows the screen of CLCD after a search is entered. The left side pane is highlighted to show were additional filters can be added to a search 
Limiting to titles with awards, different reader types and addition of reading metrics are all possible additions to your search
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