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20th Annual Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum


On Thursday, November 14, 2019 the 20th Annual Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum will be held in the Houston Gym.

The goal of this forum is to develop, encourage, and support Buffalo State faculty and staff research and creativity, and to make collaborative research endeavors and grantsmanship more accessible. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other Buffalo State faculty and staff and to identify common scholarly and creative interests you may have.

Words from the Provost

The Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum is a campus-wide event that transcends disciplinary boundaries to showcase the culture of research and creative scholarship at Buffalo State.

Research and creative scholarship permeate our academic life, inform our teaching and strengthen our emphasis on generous service. Research is an endeavor where faculty and staff participate in interdisciplinary collaborations, and students are mentored in the intricacies of conducting research. The infusion of research and creative scholarship into its academic fabric is a distinguishing attribute of Buffalo State and this event highlights some of the exciting, high quality research, scholarship, and creative activity that is being conducted on campus.

I extend my appreciation and gratitude to all participants for their individual and collective commitment to intellectual discovery and for allowing the Buffalo State community to share in their accomplishments.


Jim Mayrose, PhD

Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Words from the President

Welcome to the 2019 Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum

It is my pleasure to welcome all participants and contributors to the 2019 Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Forum. This is an exciting annual event that provides a showcase for examples of faculty and staff research across campus. As SUNY’s urban engaged campus, we are dedicated to outstanding teaching and research as well as important contributions to our internal and external community.

This program provides an occasion for campus members to share some of the important research and creative endeavors that fulfill our research and scholarly mission. You will see examples of research and creative efforts from across our academic schools, disciplines, and departments. Some of the research presented will illustrate our important commitment to including students in the research process. Our research and creative endeavors frequently address “real life questions” that have direct relevance to contemporary problems or address questions within our urban environment.

From the waterways that surround us, to the K-12 classrooms, to engineering innovations, to ethical dilemmas we face and much more, you will find faculty and staff addressing issues of significant importance. For many of us, we are well aware of a few of the research and scholarly projects that directly impact our interest areas, but today’s event will present a breath of research and scholarly activities that will move you beyond the familiar.

I encourage you to take time to attend the forum and explore and appreciate these examples of scholarly activities. Your colleagues presenting their work will be ready to discuss their scholarly endeavors and to answer your questions. I look forward to visiting with these scholars and joining in informative and enlightening discussions with the investigators and scholars presenting their projects this year.

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