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19th Annual Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum


On Thursday, October 25, 2018 the 19th Annual Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum will be held in the Houston Gym.

The goal of this forum is to develop, encourage, and support Buffalo State faculty and staff research and creativity, and to make collaborative research endeavors and grantsmanship more accessible. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other Buffalo State faculty and staff and to identify common scholarly and creative interests you may have.

Words from the President

Welcome to Buffalo State College’s 2018 Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum.  As SUNY’s urban engaged campus and an anchor institution within Buffalo, we are committed to exploring issues near and far from our location. We are dedicated to excellence, engagement, and social responsibility in all aspects of our work.  The research foci and engagement within disciplinary studies takes many forms on our campus.  We applaud basis and applied research as well as social action research and research that advances our teaching and our ways of knowing the world around us. Buffalo State faculty and staff are often at the center of critical exploration within their field and frequently their expert knowledge is tapped locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

I invite and encourage all members of our Buffalo State community to participate fully in our fall Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity forum.  Here you will gain a glimpse into the many projects and scholarly efforts that are occurring here at Buffalo State. Highlighting faculty and staff scholarly and creative work is an important acknowledgement of the significant time, energy, and talent that has gone into the completion of these projects.

Oftentimes we are best acquainted with the scholarly work within our departments or those areas closest to our discipline.  This forum will allow you to experience and appreciate the wide ranging research that occurs here at Buffalo State.  

Please join me in celebrating and applauding the participants that contributed to the outstanding research and creative endeavors that will be shared today.

Words from the Provost

The Faculty/Staff Research and Creativity Fall Forum is a celebration of the vibrant intellectual environment at Buffalo State. Congratulations to all participants and thanks to the Research and Creativity Council, Research and Sponsored Programs for convening this event.

Colleagues sharing research and creative accomplishments remind everyone of the richness and diversity of our scholarly endeavors. Outcomes shared in the forum cover a wide spectrum of basic and applied research and show evidence of Buffalo State’s commitment to economic development and engagement with the community. I extend my appreciation and gratitude to all participants for their individual and collective commitment to intellectual discovery and for allowing the Buffalo State community to share in their accomplishments.


Melanie L. Perreault, Ph.D.


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