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Levels of Measurement: Introduction

Understand the levels of measurement.

What is this guide?

The goal of this guide is to help you learn the levels of measurement. If you learn these concepts well, you are on your way to success in political statistics and research.

This online guide has the following parts:

  • Why it matters?; this section explains how each concept relates to political statistics and research and why it matters
  • Learn the concepts through video and written instructions; choose whichever instruction mode that helps you! 
    • Written content contains basic definition and brief explanation on each concept 
    • The first video contains basic instruction focusing on general definition and explanation
    • The last video contains the knowledge and concepts relevant to social science research and statistics 
  • Learn by doing; there are sample questions and solutions, so you can learn the concept by applying them.
  • Quiz; when you feel confident that you understand the concepts well, take the quiz to assess how much you have learned. Be sure to type in your name and email before submitting the quiz. 


This site was created during the OER workshop by Drs. Kyeonghi Baek and Peter Yacobucci | Site Architect: Joe Riggie | OER Content Consultant: Leah Galka |  Instruction Resources Consultant: Brooke Winckelmann 

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