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Distance Learning: Distance Learning Week


National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) will be celebrated from November 6-10, 2017.  During NDLW, all United State Distance Learning Association (USDLA) sectors including Pre-K-12, Higher Education, Corporate, Government/Military and Telehealth will educate their constituents on the amazing growth in distance learning and showcase their accomplishments.

Instructional Design & Training will be hosting webinars to support innovation in teaching and learning. Check out the session below and on the Workshop Registration Website.

Monday, November 6, 2017

10:00am – 11:00am (EST)
“Fending Off the Webinar Woes: Designing for Interest and Interactivity”
Presented by: Janine Lim, Andrews University and Roxanne Glaser, i2i Technologies

We’ve all experienced webinars that put us to sleep; or where we listen with half an ear while working on something else. What can fend off these webinar woes? Let’s explore strategies for generating interest, catching the eye with appealing visuals, and engaging the brain with interactivity. Come experience the difference with us!

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12:00pm-1:00pm (EST)
8 Tips for Addressing Accessibility
Presented by: Catherine Artac (Quality Matters)

The session will look at eight steps you can take toward making your digital content accessible for all users. High-level topics will be discussed, as well as nuts and bolts ideas such as heading levels, alt text, descriptive links, captioning/transcripts, and specific examples. Your takeaways will be both a greater awareness of accessibility issues and a number of practical resources.

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1:00pm-2:00pm (EST)
10 Disruptive Technologies & Innovative Applications in Online Learning
Presented by: Dr. Susan Aldridge, President Drexel University Online and Marci Powell, USDLA Chair Emerita and Vice Chair for Global Partnerships

As educators, we know we must embrace emerging technologies and pedagogies in our designs for online, open and flexible teaching and learning. What are these and how are they being applied? In this webinar, we will look at 10 disruptive technologies and innovative approaches educators around the world are taking in applying them.  From a shoestring budget to high end applications, see these tools in action, while exploring how they are rapidly reshaping the landscape of distance education in the digital age.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

10:00am-11:00am (EST)
BALTO: A History of Humans, Huskies, and Health in Alaska
Presented by: 
Lee Gambol, Distance Learning Coordinator

Did you know that the real Balto is at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History? Bring the amazing achievements of mushers and their sled dogs into your classroom as we present the story of Balto and the heroic dogs and mushers of the 1925 Alaskan Serum Run, and compare their experience to the Iditarod of today. Discuss diphtheria with a health educator and find out why the outbreak in Nome, Alaska is so famous. Investigate equipment used to enable humans and huskies to survive in harsh Arctic conditions. Hear how the entire city of Cleveland rallied to the aid of Balto and his teammates after they were abandoned and mistreated. It’s a ‘tail’ for all ages! **Note this is an interactive Zoom Connection – information and login details to be provided by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History!

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1:00pm-2:00pm (EST)
A Brief History of Distance Communication & Collaboration
Presented by: Ken Conn, Director, Partnerships & Collaboration, i2i Technologies; President, USDLA; Roxanne Glaser, Director, Marketing & Learning, i2i Technologies; Elaine Shuck, Director, Communication & Development, i2i Technologies; Chair Emerita, USDLA

With the USDLA celebrating 30 years, it seems fitting to be reflective as we also speculate on the future.  Join us as we take a look back at distance communication & collaboration while reviewing the current state of affairs with some predictions on what is to come.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

10:00am-11:00am (EST)
Communicating Algebra Remotely: Problem Solved!
Presented by: 
Michael Eiseman, Creator of Algebra By Hand(TM), 2017 USDLA Innovation Award Winner, John McGowan, Project Manager, Equatio from TextHelp

There are many interactive distance learning tools for reading and writing because text editors have long been a mainstay of internet communication. This is not the case for mathematical equations. Until now, remote assessment for algebra has been limited to multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank responses that give teachers little insight into their students’ thought processes. New tools empower teachers to dynamically create, present and manipulate equations before their remote students’ eyes. This technology promises to arm students with advanced procedural fluency for algebraic problem solving while saving teachers hours of time. Analytics from automated problem grading give teachers much richer feedback that form the basis for better differentiated teaching. This session will describe and demonstrate this exciting new development in distance learning for algebra.

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1:00pm-2:00pm (EST)
The Often-Overlooked eLearning Strategic Plan - Don't Have One? You Should.
Presented by
: Darcy W Hardy, PhD , Associate Vice President, Enterprise Consulting, Blackboard Inc. Jeff Rabey, PhD, Principal Strategist, Enterprise Consulting, Blackboard Inc. Scott Ready, Principal Strategist, Accessibility, Enterprise Consulting, Blackboard Inc.

To ensure the long-term success of an eLearning program (blended, hybrid, fully online), colleges and universities need an eLearning strategic plan for growing online programs sustainably and at scale. An institution must consider and develop its goals, vision, organization, governance, policies and procedures, as well as accessibility planning around eLearning. When these areas are not at the core of the eLearning programming, the institution risks any competitive advantage in the eLearning space. Institutions often jump into developing courses and marketing programs when the campus is not organized efficiently, and the overall program has not been operationalized. Skipping strategic planning can cost the institution unexpected expenses and personnel resources. This webinar will address the components of an eLearning strategic plan and how it is critical to the success of the eLearning program.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

10:00am-11:00am (EST)
Office 365 & Skype for Business in the Classroom
Presented by: 
Greg Plum, VP Channel – US, OBT Anywhere

Office 365 has taken the business and academic world by storm. Microsoft issues 1.2M new licenses every single month! The communication gem that is included with many of these licenses is Skype for Business. Now, don’t be fooled… this is not the Skype that Grandma uses to keep up with the grandkids. Skype for Business is a full-features collaboration tool that allows you to send instant messages, conduct a voice and/or video call (with multiple people), and share your screen with your audience. Join us to learn why every other collaboration service in the enterprise and education sectors is keeping at least one eye on Microsoft and Skype for Business. As a bonus, we will spend some time covering OneNote and how students are using it in your classrooms today!

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1:00pm-2:00pm (EST)
Distance Learning & Technology Resources for Telehealth
Presented by: 
Janet Major, Arizona Telemedicine Program

This webinar will provide an overview on clinical and educational applications in the telehealth world as well as provide some excellent resources for folks who are interested or already producing telehealth events

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Friday, November 10, 2017

10:00am – 11:00am (EST)
4 LMS Data Points That Can Help You Move The Needle On Student Retention
Presented by:
Amanda Thorne, Regional Manager, BNED LoudCloud & Rhonda D Blackburn, PhD, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, BNED LoudCloud

Institutions are more focused than ever on using data to improve outcomes but accessing requisite data and building institutional capacity can take years. Through our partnership with schools across the country, Barnes & Noble Education LoudCloud, has found that 4 data points are the biggest drivers of student success from the LMS. In this session, our team will share insights that you can begin applying at your institution today.

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12:00pm – 1:00pm (EST)
How Kenai Borough Schools in Alaska Are Using Video-Enabled Learning Spaces
Presented by:
Natalie Marlow and Ashlyn Branning (Students, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District)

In this webinar see yourself using live video telecommunications (VTC) to explore bringing the world into your classroom. Using interactive video conferencing as a tool to deliver instruction or enrich curriculum broadens student access to content while increasing the depth and relevance of their learning experience. Not only are students more actively engaged but also a variety of learning styles are readily accommodated. Experience how VTC is becoming an accepted way of life for both teachers and students.

Learn how to implement strong technology as part of the instructional strategy in a learner-centered environment. See firsthand how it can positively impact teaching and learning in your school. Examples, best practices, and content resources will be shown.

Join this live session as Alaska students, along with their teachers, reflect on how they have successfully implemented interactive videoconferencing connections to capture and explore new curriculum experiences

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