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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

Overview of library systems: Home

Using the Catalog


ALLsearch is the name given to the Primo search interface. Primo is the platform. ALLsearch is a special search scope that allows searching across all library resource types (articles, books, media, etc). There are other search scopes available by clicking on ALLsearch. These include the library catalog, course reserves, and the SUNY catalog. Most library resources can be found with ALLsearch.

  1. My Library Card - this link opens the account management screen
  2. Sign-in - This link prompts the user to sign into Primo. It uses the Buffalo State network login
  3. Facets - These facets allow users to narrow search results
  4. Results - clicking on a result link opens a metadat screen with more information - clicking Available Online opens the full text directly



If you see the following error: The login process has failed. Please refer to the library for assistance. Sign out from the external authentication system

This usually indicates that the user is missing an account in Alma, the library system for managing resources and users. Report this error to the library so that the account can be fixed.

My Library Card

My Library Card allows patrons to see current checkouts, outstanding fines, and requests. It is a user management interface for their library account. Student accounts get loaded into Alma each semester. They will expire at the end of the next semester. So students registered for Spring 2020 expire at the end of Summer 2020. Students registered for Summer 2020 will expire at the end of Fall 2020. 

Faculty and staff accounts are loaded differently and typically expire several years in the future.

My library card

  1. Loans -  displays the patrons current loans
  2. Fines + Fees - displays any fines or fees the patron owes
  3. Requests - shows any outstanding resource sharing requests
  4. Blocks and Messages - shows any blocks assigned by the library or communication from the library

Off Campus Access to Library Databases


Due to some increased privacy measures on most web browsers, some users are experiencing a blocked website message when trying to download article PDFs from off-campus. Clearing your cache and cookies should resolve this issue. Directions to perform this for these browsers are located here: ChromeEdgeFirefoxSafari. If you are still experiencing this problem, please contact the library by clicking HERE.

updated: 3/10/22


Off Campus Access to Library Databases

The proxy server provides access to licensed library content to off-campus users. The server redirects traffic through a registered IP address that vendors recognize as belonging to Buffalo State College. This login uses the Buffalo State network login. On campus users will not see this login prompt as they are already on a recognized IP range. This login is separate from the ALLsearch login and not part of single sign on services.

proxy server login

  1. Logon to the proxy by entering your Buffalo State network credentials

If you have trouble logging into the proxy server, try the following

  • Open an incognito tab in your browser and login again. This will prevent cached credentials from being transmitted. It also usually does not load extensions which could interfere with logins
  • Try logging in from another browser
  • Try logging in from another network (work, school, home)
  • make sure you are not including the in your username


The Butler library uses both SUNY resource sharing and inter-library loan via the Illiad application to borrow materials from other libraries for our patrons.

The most recent version of Illiad incorporates new web pages. Functionally, these work just like the old web pages, but they have a new look, comply with modern web accessibility standards, and are responsive to a desktop and mobile screens.

Using the new Illiad interface

You will log in at the same URL (, with the same username and password as you have used in the past.

Note: In the coming months we will be updating Illiad to use single sign on using your Buffalo State network credentials.


illiad log in

Once logged in the Main Menu will show your currently checked out items, including links to pdfs of electronic articles.

main menu

Although most Illiad requests are auto-populated from Worldcat, Primo, or other sources, you can still create requests manually under the New Requests menu. 

create request

Finally, you can check your history by using the Search tab or the History tab to search or browse your request history.

history tab

If you have any question or need any assistance with the new interface, please contact Joe Riggie at

Resource Sharing


Illiad is the interlibrary loan platform used to request books and articles from other libraries on behalf of Buffalo State patrons. Articles are delivered to the patrons registered email address as a PDF and usually available for 30 days. Physical items availability is dependent on the lending library but is usually around 30 days. Failure to pickup or return Illiad items may result in fees and fines.

Illiad users create their own username and password, but must use their Buffalo State email address. Users can reset their  password here: or they can contact library support.

Note: The Butler library is in the process of migrating from standalone authentication to LDAP for Illiad. This project is expected to be completed by Summer 2020.

illiad login


SUNY Resource Sharing

SUNY Resource Sharing is a new service that is available through Primo (ALLsearch). SUNY Resource Sharing allows Buffalo State patrons to borrow physical materials from other SUNY libraries. When the Butler library is unable to provide access to a resource, resource sharing links will be displayed that allow requesting through Illiad or SUNY Resource Sharing:

  • Look for the Request from another SUNY library link inside the record
  • Optional: Click on Show items at other SUNY Libraries to see which other SUNY libraries have inventory for this item.


  • The form will already be completed. Click Send Request.
  • Users must be logged in Primo (ALLsearch) for Illiad or SUNY Resource Sharing links to be displayed. These services are only available for students, faculty, and staff. Community borrowers will not be able to use these services.
  • Turnaround time for all resource sharing is 4-5 business days for physical items and 24 hours for articles. There is no guarantee of availability for either service.
  • Textbooks and media are usually not available via resource sharing.

Self checkout App

Self Checkout App

The library uses a self-checkout application called Meescan. Meescan only functions on campus. Any holds placed will be available for pickup on the open hold shelf located between StudyQuad and Quietquad. To use Meescan, follow the steps below:

1. Download Meescan



2. Open the app, press Start and login with your Buffalo State username and password.

Please note: Meescan requires location services to be active on your phone. 

3. Tap the + to start checking out

Scan the barcode on the paperwork included in the book. 

Place the red line directly through the barcode to scan the item.


If the barcode fails to scan, you can type it in manually by selecting Can't scan, Type-in the code.

Press Finish and a receipt will be emailed to you.



If you have problems logging into Meescan, please contact the IT helpdesk for assistance with your username and password:

Phone: 716-878-4357

If you get an error with Meescan regarding your account, please contact circulation services at:



Self Checkout stations

There are two self checkout stations located in the library. 

The first is located next to the open hold shelf in the main lobby of the library.

self checkout station in the lobby

The second is located at the ASKUS desk.

self checkout station in the library

To use the stations:

  • Swipe your ID card
  • Scan the barcode
  • scanning the barcoide
    • for books from the collection use the barcode in the back of the book.
    • For books from other libraries (inter-library loan) use the barcode on the attached paperwork.
  • Touch finish
  • A receipt will be emailed to you

Library systems and acquisitions

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