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Read with a Purpose Challenge: About

About the Challenge

Over the last few years, Book Riot and New York Public library have offered a “read harder challenge.” The challenge consists of a series of categories (e.g., YA nonfiction, novel set within 100 miles of where you live, book by or about a refugee). The challenge celebrates the joys of reading while also nudging readers outside their comfort zones.

The Teaching and Learning Center now offers its own version of the challenge. The following six categories are intended to encourage the Buffalo State community to step outside our usual reading habits and read with a special purpose.

  1. An article or essay by a Buffalo State colleague. Support your peers.
  2. Something about the scholarship of teaching and learning. Afterall, this is sponsored but the Teaching and Learning Center. Find out what this is all about.
  3. Poetry or short story with a Buffalo connection. The many facets of Urban Engagement.
  4. Revisit a classic in your field. When was the last time you read this with fresh eyes?
  5. Return to an assigned reading that you never finished. If our students are not always doing the reading, maybe we didn’t either.
  6. A Graphic Novel by or about someone who identifies differently than you do. Embracing diversity in many forms.

The Teaching and Learning Center will host an event in May to celebrate all those who have completed the challenge. Please consider joining us.


For more information about the Challenge, contact:

John Draeger
Director, Teaching and Learning Center
Professor, Philosophy

For help finding materials related to the Challenge, ask a librarian.

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