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The Guide to the End of VHS: Home

Explanation of VHS Apocalypse

Don’t panic... But, the end of VHS is imminent. 

No new VHS players are available for purchase. Many of our newer classrooms do not have VHS players installed and any remaining players in classrooms will dwindle until we are no longer able to repair or replace them with our current stock.  If you use the VHS format for showing video, your question is simple:  “How will I be able to show my content in a classroom?" The purpose of this guide is to assist you during this time. 

Library and Classroom Support Announcement

Important Notice about the VHS (VCR) Video Format

Manufacturers have ended the production of VCRs due to the “Analog Sunset." Obtaining VCRs has become difficult, and repair is not possible as parts are unavailable. VHS is now considered an obsolete medium. Read the technical explanation of why this is happening.

Due to their imminent demise, VCRs are no longer included in new or renovated classrooms. VCRs are still available in some generally scheduled classroom which can be selected using the room attribute "VHS." In order to preserve this medium in order to give faculty time to locate and incorporate replacement content, Classroom Technologies will remove working VCRs in a portion of our classrooms in order to build local stock. DVDs will still be able to be played through the computer in all generally scheduled smart classrooms.

What do you need to do if using VHS tapes in your courses?

If you have VHS tapes that you show in your classes, you will need to find replacements as soon as possible. You can purchase a DVD for your individual use, search the library's online multimedia collections or physical media collections for alternatives, or submit a library purchase request for a DVD to be added to the library's collection.  The library can also help you search for a replacement. Please remember that all copying and showing of media must follow current copyright law. Please review the other tabs in this guide for more information about your options and procedures for this transition.

RITE Classroom Support will make every effort to repair and/or replace VHS players from local stock until our supply runs out.

VHS Contact Group

E. H. Butler Library

Ken Fujiuchi
Head of Information Commons

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Library Clerk

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Interim Director


RITE Support Services

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Asst. Dir., Classroom Technology

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