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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

Accessibility: Accessibility & Remediation Requests

This guide publicly documents our accessibility guidelines, along with our EIT accessibility policies.

Remediation Request Procedures

Request Remediation or Accessible Format  

To request accessible formats and remediation please follow one of the procedures below: 
  1. Please contact the E. H. Butler Library EIT Accessibility Compliance Officer with your request via email. The current Compliance Officer is Chris Hulsman, Electronic & Educational Resources Librarian (716-878-3291 or In your email, please provide the following information: 
    • Name and contact information (please use Buffalo State email address).
    • Type of resource you are looking to find an accessible format for. 
    • A citation or title of the resource (please include a URL or permalink). 
    • Preferred accessible file format.
    • Date needed (please be advised that some remediation requests may take a prolonged period of time to complete, occasionally a request may not be able to be fulfilled by the requested time).
  2. Please fill out our E.H. Butler Library Resource Accessibility Remediation Request Form
  3. Please contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) in order to create a discreet/confidential request on your behalf.


Remediation Requests & Information 

E.H. Butler Library is committed to acquiring digital resources that are accessible and ADA compliant. Unfortunately, some products must be procured that are below accessibility standards. These products sometimes fulfill accreditation standards, grant responsibilities, or seminal/crucial content to the curricula. If you come across digital content that needs to be remediated, please use this request form. A librarian will contact you as soon as possible. If you have questions regarding the campus remediation policy, please contact Chris Hulsman, E. H. Butler Library EIT Compliance Officer (716-878-3291 or 

Remediation Policy 

  • Remediation requests will be handled by library staff. 
  • Remediation requests will be confidential.
  • Due to varying levels of difficulty for each request, please send requests as early as possible. Time to complete requests will vary depending on complexity and the resources needed to successfully complete the request. 
  • Some requests may take significant amounts of time.
  • We cannot assist with remediation of textbooks and/or personally owned/created resources. 
  • Library EIT remediation policy is restricted to only those resources within the library's physical & digital collection. 
  • All remediation requests will be subject to a thorough review of copyright policies from the library, publisher, creator, and vendor. Those requests that we deem to break copyright protocol will not be remediated. 
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