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HVAC construction project in the Butler Library

Access to the library


At least one elevator will be available throughout the construction. The elevator near the ASKUS desk will go offline first (sometime in May). The second elevator is located behind Starbucks. Please feel free to ask for directions to that elevator at the ASKUS desk.

The passenger elevator, located near the circulation desk, will not be able to go to the 2nd floor starting on Monday, July 10th.  You will still be able to use the elevator to get to the 1st and 3rd floors, just that the 2nd floor will be bypassed.  The freight elevator behind Starbucks will still be in service to all 3 floors.

Currently, the passenger elevator near the ASKUS desk is in-service.


The StudyQuad entrance will be closed during the first phase of construction. This will last until mid-August of 2023.

Update: all entrances are now open

High Use items

During the HVAC construction project, some areas of the library will be inaccessible. Some faculty have asked the library to relocate some high use items to a temporary storage location. That location is on the second floor in the northeast quad, directly opposite the elevator, just past the education books (L's).  Please ask at the circulation or ASKUS desks if you need help locating this location.

Update: due to the ease of book requests, this was not done for the collections on the North side of the building.

Parking Lot

32 spaces in the north portion if lot I-32 will be unavailable during construction. 

Physical Collection

Access to the physical collection will be limited. While each quad is being worked on, it will be closed to patrons and staff. We will have very limited ability to retrieve books from these areas. Other areas will be impacted by book moves to support the construction. Impacted books will be noted in the catalog. Please refer to the Resource Sharing tab for information on requesting books from other SUNY libraries.

Training Spaces

Staircases and internal walkways may be unavailable at various times. Training will largely be held outside of the library during construction. CyberQuad, including rooms 314, 316, and 318, will remain open.

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