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Civic Engagement: Home

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This guide is intended to serve as a resource for general information and the promotion of civic engagement in the Buffalo State community. Our college community is committed to the following values: social responsibility; respect for diversity and individual differences; and engagement, applied learning, and partnerships with the community.

What is civic engagement?

A broad set of practices and attitudes of involvement in social and political life that converge to increase the health of a democratic society.

The concept of civic engagement has assumed increasing importance as a means to reverse the balkanization of individual interests and the rapid disintegration of communal life. Civic engagement has been applied in a variety of contexts, from business to community development. Its foundational assumption is that both intellectual and action-oriented involvement create social and political bonds in a community. Through the process of engagement, individuals see themselves as an integral part of a community where civic judgment is enhanced.

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Bridging Differences

"Buffalo State supports diversity of thought, diversity of experience, and diversity of values. The college is dedicated to a visible commitment to these ideals by affirming and respecting differences in all interactions."
--Buffalo State Equity and Diversity Office Statement of Principle on Diversity

As a community, we have many cultural, political, and religious differences. Often times, our differences are what make us a unique and rich community. However, sometimes our differences may overshadow our similarities. The following TED Talk playlists are intended to help us find understanding and discover ways of bridging our differences.


This guide was created by members of the President's Council on Equity and Campus Diversity.
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