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Social and Psychological Foundations of Education and Adult Education


Social and Psychological Foundations of Education and Adult Education Research Guide

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Guide Contents: 
  • Access to the UED & SPF Tutorial Asynchronous Assignments: E. H. Butler Library has created a tutorial progression that consists of three parts for UED & SPF students. The tutorial modules are asynchronous and includes quizzes consisting of a total of 39 questions. A efficiency rate of 59% or more correct is required to move on to the next module. The tutorials require an account to access. Upon completing the third and final module, you can download a certificate of completion as evidence that you successfully completed the progression. The three modules are: 
    • Popular vs Scholarly Resources 
    • APA Formatting & Citations 
    • Using Butler Library's Databases & ALL-Search Discovery System 
  • Research Subscription Databases Available through Butler Library: Outside of the Library's ALL-Search tool, that searches through all of the library electronic databases, there are individual collections that are very good for education and psychology majors. This guide will list those resources that specialize in education and psychological foundations of education. 
  • Using the Butler Library ALL-Search Discovery Tool: Butler Library subscribes to many academic databases. The Butler Library ALL-Search Discovery Tool searches through all of the library's electronic & digital resources; enhancing the discoverability of articles, books, reference materials, and more. 
  • Other Useful Links & Information for UED & SPF Students: While Butler Library has a large and robust collection to support the education and psychology curricula, there are some useful resources that be located outside of the library databases. We will list those here. 

Need Assistance? Contact a Librarian:

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If you experience any difficulty locating resources or accessing one of the linked readings please contact: 
Chris Hulsman 
Electronic & Educational Resources Librarian 
E.H. Butler Library 275 
(716) 878 3291
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