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Alternative Learning Materials Initiative (ALMI): Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Course Designation in Banner

Learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) and alternative materials to traditional textbooks that will fit your course curriculum

What is ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) Course? 

a course that includes zero additional cost to students for course materials; meaning that no materials are required to be purchased through the college bookstore.

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For questions, please contact Chris Hulsman, Electronic & Educational Resources Librarian 

Searching for Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) courses in Banner 

Students and advisors now have the a way to search Banner to select courses that are Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC). This means that no additional resources are ordered through the campus bookstore, and the total added cost for course materials for each ZTC course is $0.

The materials used in these courses could be comprised of:

  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Open Textbooks
  • Open Courseware
  • Library Subscription Resources
  • Faculty Created Materials (Published or Unpublished)
  • Other Zero-Cost Resources 

To search Banner for ZTC courses: 

  1. Login to Banner 
  2. Click "Search for Classes"
  3. Select Term 
  4.  Click "Advanced Search" 
  5. Scroll down to "Attribute Type" 
  6. Select Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)
  7. Click Class Search 
Image shows where the ZTC attribute can be found in banner when searching for classes
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