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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

Alternative Learning Materials Initiative (ALMI): Alternative Learning Materials Initiative

Learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) and alternative materials to traditional textbooks that will fit your course curriculum

Alternative Learning Materials Initiative

Information & Guide 

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Initiative Charge 

This initiative is designed to accomplish several goals regarding creating, discovering, and building course materials that are alternatives to traditional textbooks. We do not disparage the use of traditional textbooks, rather we provide information and support for faculty looking for alternatives to the traditional textbook course materials model. We believe that implementation of alternative materials (library subscription content, open access textbooks, Open Educational Resources) can provide one or all the following positive outcomes for students and faculty:

  • Provide No-Cost or Low-Cost Alternative Course Materials to Students 
  • Adoption of High-Impact OER and/or Open Courseware 
  • Creation of OER that is Freely Open for Repurposing and Sharing
  • Construction of Flexible Course Materials Consistent with Course Pedagogy
  • Develop a Forum for Faculty to Share their Unique Alternative Materials/OER Implementation with Colleagues 
ALMI Statement of Intent

"We endeavor to assist with investigation, discovery, and implementation of Open Educational Resources and/or Alternative & Affordable Learning Materials for the purpose of successfully supporting our faculty and our students" 


Increase access, discovery, and creation of high-quality, no-cost learning materials for all students at Buffalo State through utilization of resources in the library, the public domain, and the Creative Commons. 

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Getting Started 

Need help finding, creating, or adopting OER/affordable materials? We're here to help! The Affordable Learning Materials team can support you every step of the way. Contact Chris Hulsman (ALMI Liaison) for general information and assistance finding materials. For general information about ALMI & OER Please fill out the form below

The button below will create a ticket for assistance with Lumen Learning courseware products and LMS integration. For more information on Lumen Learning Courseware please see the SUNY OER Services page on this site. Lumen Learning Courseware is free to all SUNY faculty and students.

ALMI Support Team 

Chris Hulsman: Electronic & Educational Resources Librarian

Start your ALMI and/or OER search by contacting Chris Hulsman, Electronic & Educational Resources Librarian. Butler Library can assist you with discovery of OER and Alternative Learning Materials. Alternative materials can come in numerous formats with varying levels of copyright. Contact us to learn more!  

Meghan Pereira: Director, Instructional Design & Distance Learning & Brooke Winckelmann: Instructional Designer

Instructional Design & Distance Learning is here to assist you integrate your Alternative Materials, OER, or open courseware into your LMS course shell. 

John Draeger: Director, Teaching & Learning Center / Professor, Philosophy

Are you in need of more information? Keep on the lookout for upcoming information sessions and workshops regarding Alternative Learning Materials & OER! Do you current use ALM or OER? Have you created OER? We want to hear your story and share it! Consider sharing your experiences in a workshop! Contact Butler Library if you're interested! 

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