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Reproductive Justice

Resources in the Butler Library collection on reproductive justice, research tips for students, and resource links for those in need of support.

Fiction on Abortion & Reproductive Rights

Available at the Library

Available via Inter-Library Loan

These books may also be available from the local public library.

Bennett, B. (2016). The mothers. Riverhead Books.

Davies, P. H. (2021). A lie someone told you about yourself. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Haigh, J. (2022). Mercy street. Ecco.

Hendriks, J. (2019). Unpregnant. HarperTeen.

Johnson, N. (2021). The kindest lie. William Morrow.

Johnston, E. K. (2016). Exit, pursued by a bear. Dutton Books.

Jordan, H. (2011). When she woke. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.

King, S. (1994). Insomnia. Signet.

Manning, K. (2013). My notorious life. Scribner.

Moore, N. Y. (2022). The billboard: A play about abortion. Haymarket Books.

Newitz, A. (2019). The future of another timeline. Tor.

Perkins-Valdez, D. (2022). Take my handPenguin.

Quintero, I. (2014). Gabi, a girl in pieces. Cinco Puntos Press.

Ramos, J. (2019). The farm. Random House.

Tepper, S. S. (1988). The gate to women's country. Bantam Books.

Tepper, S. S. (1996). Gibbon's decline and fall. Bantam Books.

Zumas, L. (2018). Red clocks. Little, Brown and Company.

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