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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

Collection Development: Selection Criteria

General Criteria and Priorities

The Library’s first priority is to provide materials which relate directly to the Buffalo State curriculum, with an emphasis on undergraduate resources. Buffalo State’s graduate curricula must cover disciplines both in broader scope and in greater depth than at the baccalaureate level, and is a secondary focus for collection development.

The Library will also attempt to acquire a selection of general materials which meet student needs for recreational reading, personal growth, and general intellectual development.

Changes in, and additions to the Buffalo State curricula will occur. As an integral contributor to the educational process, academic departments will work with the Library as curricula change to ensure that the collection will continue to support the needs of Buffalo State students. The Library will actively seek information about curricular changes, so that it can respond to the evolving needs of Buffalo State.

Faculty research interests will be considered in the building and maintenance of the Library collection. Given the changing and expanding universe of knowledge, however, even the largest libraries cannot at this time hope to provide all of the resources its graduate students and faculty researchers might require. A primarily undergraduate institution such as Buffalo State cannot attempt to meet all research needs. Hence, the Library will augment its resources through collaborative arrangements such as resource sharing, interlibrary loan, reciprocal borrowing agreements, cooperative collection development, and consortial purchasing and licensing.

“Special Collections and Archives” are housed in the E. H. Butler Library building along with the general collection. These collections play different roles on campus. The role of the general collection is to provide current, up-to-date information for students and faculty. The role of the special collections and archives is to provide a more historical view of the campus and the library.

The Library considers reviews to be the most desirable category of selection tool for current materials, especially those reviews which offer evaluation of the resource in question, rather than only description.

Specific Criteria

The Library will make every effort to use its limited budget for the acquisition of resources of high quality. To this end, the following considerations will be important when evaluating any proposed addition to our holdings. This list of criteria does not apply in its entirety to every item. It is to be used at the discretion of the selector:

  • Does the item support the current curriculum at Buffalo State?
  • What courses or assignments will this item support?
  • To what audience is the material directed? Primarily undergraduates, graduates, or faculty?
  • Is it sufficiently comprehensive?
  • How does the resource compare with other items on the same subject?
  • Does it make a new contribution? Are our holdings extensive or meager?
  • Is the price fair and affordable? Will the use be worth the cost?
  • What is the publisher’s reputation?
  • How many other SUNY library’s hold the material? Is it a faculty publication?
  • It is the Library’s policy to acquire faculty publications whenever possible.
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