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Collection Development: Appendix B: Media Licensing

Media Licensing

In addition to collection development for the Library, the Information Management department will provide media licensing to support the curriculum. This licensing will in part be funded with Technology Fee funds.

  • Please submit licensing requests prior to the start of the semester in which they are needed.
  • Licensing requests take 2-4 days to process.
  • Streaming films are licensed for one year and must be re-requested each year they are needed.

Due to the increasing demand for streaming media and reduced funding, the library has imposed the following restrictions:

  • All instructors are asked to minimize film requests to the minimum needed to fulfill learning objectives.
  • Re-use and cross-use of streaming media is highly desirable. The library will seek to provide freely available sources whenever possible or practical. This includes subscription content such as that found in Films on Demand or openly licensed content such as that found in Internet Archive.
  • The library reserves the right to cap spending at 5 films per section or $750.

Departments looking to license films for promotional or recreational purposes or seeking to license films for campus wide events will be asked to pay licensing costs through a journal transfer. The library is unable to provide public performance rights.

The library strongly discourages the use of copyright infringing material or use of sources where copyright is uncertain. Requests for media licensing should be submitted with this form: The library can license content with three content vendors:

  • Kanopy Film & Media - an on-demand streaming video service for universities that offers titles on a broad range of subjects including anthropology, architecture, art, gender & race, environment & sustainability, health, law, media, politics and psychology/sociology. Please note that Kanopy films are licensed at a cost of around $150 per year.
  • Alexander Street Video - This site provides capabilities for searching across digital video databases by topic, creator, video type and language. Users can search transcripts, create playlists, and save clips for future viewing.
  • Digital Campus (SWANK) - a streaming video platform that contains mostly feature films. Please note that Digital Campus films are licensed at a cost of around $150 per year
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