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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

Collection Development: About

Introduction to Collection Development Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to outline a plan for collection development which can be used as a basis for short- and long-term decision making by librarians and faculty who are concerned with library resource development.
The current information environment, with the expansion of knowledge and the proliferation of kinds of media, challenges any library’s capacity to meet the needs of its users. These guidelines are intended to provide a model for consistent practice. It is understood that the guidelines will not be a static document.

Responsibility for Resource Development

The Director of E. H. Butler Library has the primary responsibility and authority for providing the library resources which meet the College’s needs.
The Collection Development Committee coordinates policy formation and implementation. All library faculty are qualified by virtue of their professional education and experience, as well as their academic preparation, to participate in collection building. Librarians will serve as liaisons to schools, departments, or subjects, and will be responsible for both selecting and deselecting in their designated area(s). More information about the selecting and deselecting processes is in this document.
Participation in resource development by academic department faculty is essential, because teaching faculty are subject specialists with the academic credentials and curricular expertise to inform collections decisions. Close cooperation between librarians and faculty members is required if the Library is to fulfill its mission to support the academic program curriculum.         
The Library has responsibility for the Library materials budget. All resources acquired through this budget will be housed in or licensed to E. H. Butler Library. Other funds and budgets may be used to provide services and supplies needed to maintain the collection and to provide for the operation of the library.

About E. H. Butler Library


E. H. Butler Library is dedicated to proactive and innovative support for the scholarship, research, and creativity of Buffalo State students, faculty, and staff

Core Values:

  • Quality service and fair use of information for students, faculty, and staff
  • Intellectual freedom and equitable access to information
  • Acquisition, preservation, and conservation of information
  • Provision of a gateway to success in the intellectual world through information literacies and teaching
  • Provision of a vibrant physical and virtual venue for intellectual exchange, quiet reflection, and cultural enrichment

Professional Standards

The Library adheres to the highest standards of the library profession. These standards include, but are not limited to the following:

E. H. Butler Library supports the freedom to access and read materials regardless of bias or controversy. The Library collects materials that reflect the full range of political, religious, historical and social thought within its collection parameters. Library access should be barrier-free and efficient, whether online or in person. The library faculty and staff strive to provide the highest quality service and access to all patrons. The Library respects personal privacy rights as well as intellectual property rights.

see appendix A: Reconsideration policy


This policy is designed to cover the majority of the collection development situations that arise. However, not every situation can be anticipated. Final decisions on collection development will be made at the discretion of the Collection Development Committee, acquisitions, the library director, and library faculty. 

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