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The Monroe Fordham Regional History Center

The Betsy Naylon Interviews & Oral Histories

All interviews were conducted in 2001 and the early part of 2002.  The interviews were taped on an 8mm camera and then transferred to VHS by Betsy Naylon.  The Monroe Fordham Regional History Center’s work study had the VHS tapes were then converted to DVDs for easier viewing by the researcher.  These DVDs were added to the SUNY Buffalo State Digital Commons and can be found at: (URL). There are also files with the DVDs that have biographical information on the subject along with a sketchy log that Ms. Naylon composed as she was reviewing the tapes.  In a few cases there was no VHS tape (or 8mm tape) found, but there was a file on the individual with some biographical information.  Some of these individuals have since passed after the interview was conducted.

Materials in this collection are from the personal collection of Betsy Naylon, local Western New York artist whose accomplishments are listed in Who’s Who in American Art, and in Of American Women, In America and the World.  Many of her works were shown in exhibitions around Western New York, New York State and internationally - National Association of Women Artists (traveling printmaking exhibition) 2002-03 and the NAWA Traveling Exhibition to India 1989 to name a few.  Ms. Naylon is a Signature Member of the National League of American Penwomen; a Charter Member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and an Exhibiting Member of the Buffalo Society of Artists.  She has been selected several times for commissioned works -- Milestones (1995) for Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital; Studio Arena (1985 & 1989) and many others.  Ms. Naylon has also taught drawing, painting and printmaking at Niagara University, The State University of New York at Buffalo, Daemon College and at the Chautauqua Institute.  She current resides in Buffalo, New York.

The materials were organized and indexed by Lynn M. Lombardo, Graduate student in the Department of History and Social Studies Education, Buffalo State College.  The project was supervised by Dr. Jean Richardson, Associate Professor, Department of History and Social Studies Education, Buffalo State College.

List of Interviewees

Allen, Sister Karen: was a teacher at St. Aloysius Academy and also taught in Warsaw, NY, Eggertsville, NY, Highlands, NJ and in Buffalo, NY.  She was the principal at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart and then worked in administration at the Sisters of St. Francis.  At the time of the interview she was doing retreat work at the Center of Renewal at Stella Niagara in Lewiston, NY.

Baumann, Inez:  (aka Inez Caplen Naylon) worked for the I.R.S. for 33 years and after retiring from her position she continued to work at a women’s dress shop from 1974-1987 finally retiring at the age of 78.  She is the mother-in-law of the interviewer Betsy Naylon.

Boll, Sheila:  received her Master’s Degree from St. Bonaventure University in Guidance and at the time of the interview she was a child’s advocate in family court.

DeLaney, Kathleen:  attended Sacred Heart Academy, worked at AM&A’s, attended D’Youville College, graduated from Canisius College with a B.A. in English and a duel B.A. in Humanities from the University of Dublin.  Traveled extensively in Ireland and at the time of the interview was an archivist at the University at Buffalo.

Dusel, Donna:  artist exhibiting her work since 1978.  At the time of the interview she was teaching writing and photography at D’Youville College.

Hennigan, Marion:  born in Brooklyn, NY she moved to Buffalo when she was 19 years of age.  Traveled extensively to locations in Europe (Rome, Italy, France and Switzerland) and at 20 years of age she did volunteer work in hospitals in Nigeria, Africa.  She also traveled to Ireland to meet her future husband’s family.

Hill, John:  served in Korea in 1952 as an Infantryman.  Received his Master’s Degree from Columbia University where he ran track.  He spent many summers in his youth in Canada watching the ships passing through the Great Lakes.  His interest in art led him to attend Albright Art School in which he traveled extensively to New York City.  He graduated from Buffalo State College with a teaching degree and ended up in Waterloo, NY teaching.  He gave that up and went to Italy to paint.

Koepsell, Eva:  born in Hungary her parents escaped through Budapest during World War II.  Both parents Jewish but raised her Catholic to avoid the stigma.  Her first marriage was abusive and her son from the marriage was taken away from her and adopted by other family members.  After her attempted suicide she discovered poetry as an outlet for her problems.  She was married several times one of which produced another child.  At the time of the interview she was the Assistant to the Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University at Buffalo.

Lauria, Jim:  was 17 years of age at the time of Pearl Harbor after which he enlisted in the service – Army Airborne Division.  During his time he was in Berlin, Liverpool, Normandy and Belgium.  At the Battle of the Bulge he “tripped over Germans” and received the Purple Heart.

Laurie, Marg:  born in Philadelphia, PA she graduated from Frankfort (NY) High School and entered Syracuse University at the age of 15.  At age 18 she was working as a Time Study Engineer at the Remington Arms Factory in Ilion, NY.  She received a B.A. from Alfred University in 1946 and moved to Lewiston in 1948.  She is the author of the book Centering: Your Guide to Inner Growth published in 1978.  She taught English at Niagara County Community College and founded the Western Door Playhouse in Lewiston.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Women Writers, the National League of American Pen Women and at the time of the interview a member of the Lewiston-Porter Board of Education.

LeClaire, June: (NO DVD) received her MFA from the University at Buffalo in 1985.  She worked at Bell Aircraft and was responsible for the publishing the technical materials from the Engineering Department.  Her artwork has been exhibited in many shows around Western New York and at the time of the interview she was teaching art courses at Niagara County Community College.

Lorenzetti, Msgr. Dino:  born in Buffalo, NY he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and served from 1941 to 1945.  He was ordained in 1953 and was pastor at Holy Cross until 1975.  Then he went on to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart where he retired from in 1996.

McClive, John:  (NO DVD) pilot in the U.S. Air Force then worked at Buffalo Forge as an Engineer.  He has traveled extensively to Europe, Israel, Turkey and Greece.  His current interests are in stained glass windows of the Gothic design.

Melton, Jackie:  (NO DVD) member of Studio Arena Theater and a member of the Council of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Sisterhood Board of the Temple Beth Zion.  She has traveled extensively to Portugal, England, Spain, Vienna, Austria, Italy and Hungary.

Naylon, Bernard:  served in the Korean War and was Squadron Rep for the Radiological Team sent to Nevada where they tested the nuclear bombs.  Held several management positions at several Chemical Industry companies.  Interested in sailing owning many boats and being active in the Buffalo Yachting Club.

Palumbo, Diana:  mother to a handicapped child, she became a nurse and created the Sex Education course taught to public school children (on DVD with Parmer).

Parmer, Dorothy:  helped Diana Palumbo with her children and especially her handicapped child.  At the time of the interview she was a Floral assistant.

Reilly, Sister Isabelle:  born and raised in South Buffalo, she attended Sacred Heart Academy.  She received her B.A. from St. Mary of the Spring, her M.A. from Niagara University and a Library Science Certificate from the University at Buffalo.  She taught high school and college in New York and Ohio and served in Rome at Central Headquarters.

Truckenbrod, Robert:  served in the Navy then went on to become a designer at Harper’s Bazaar in New York City.  He taught at Bryant and Stratton and is a free lance artist.

Turner, Douglas:  he was the Financial and Executive Editor at the Courier Express.  He graduated from Brown University with his majors in English History and Medieval Law.  He attended Stanford University as a Ford Foundation Fellow and was a member of the Olympic Rowing team in 1956.  He is the founder/president of the Friends of Williamsburg Rowing and the Adj. Associate Professor of Social Sciences at the University at Buffalo.  At the time of the interview he had a political column in the Buffalo News.

Turner, Mary Joan “Mimi”:  grew up during the McCarthy Era and loved the theater.  At the time of the interview she was a drama coach at Mt. Vernon Children’s Theater in Virginia.

Zimmermann, Edward:  received his B.S. from Canisius College in 1950, his M.A. from Canisius College in 1957 and his Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo in 1970.  He taught at Canisius High School and College where he served as Chair of the English Department from 1970 – 1974.  Courses he taught dealt with film and literature and he is a member of the Cinematheque Ontario (arm of the Toronto International Film Festival).

Downloadable Finding-Aid and Inventory

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