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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

Archives & Special Collections: Planning a Visit

Hours & Appointments

 Access to the Archives and Special Collections is by appointment only and must be scheduled prior to visiting the department. Appointments can be made by calling the department at (716) 878-6308 or by emailing Daniel DiLandro at

Accessing the Collection

The SUNY Archives & Special Collections Department provides access to the institution's archives, rare books, and manuscript materials. Faculty, students, and outside researchers are welcome to use the collection upon appointment. Access to materials is provided in accordance with the Policies Governing the Use of Archives, Manuscripts, and Special Collections, subject to state, federal, and institutional regulations regarding administrative records. Archival and manuscript collections may be governed by additional restrictions due to donor agreements and may be not available for immediate use. Please contact the department for further information on specific collection items and instructions. 

 All readers must complete an initial registration form to access collection materials, and sign-in upon arrival to the department.

Reading Room Guidelines

 When you first arrive

  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Department.
  • Please silence your cell phone or other messaging device. Headphones are permitted, but please keep the volume low so that you do not disturb other researchers. We reserve the right to ask users to check electronic devices that are not on a silent or quiet setting. Phone calls may not be taken in the reading room.
  • Only materials needed for research may be immediately available to the researcher. All briefcases, backpacks, handbags, computer cases, coats, and hats must be removed of the immediate area.
  • Library materials and personal items (including notebooks, laptop computers, books, etc.) are subject to inspection prior to entering and upon leaving the Department.
  • Books, manuscripts, and archival documents are provided to researchers by Department staff.
  • All items charged to the Reading Room must be returned to the front desk at closing time. We are happy to place items on short-term hold for researchers.

Using the Materials

  • All written notes are to be taken in pencil. Marking, erasing, or altering Department materials is strictly prohibited.
  • Laptop and computing devices for taking notes are permitted.
  • We do allow non-flash, self-service digital photography in the reading room. Please see a staff member before beginning your photography to complete a digital reproduction permission form. Scanners of any type are not allowed. Please contact a staff member or visit our webpage to inquire about photoduplication and digital scanning services.
  • All materials must remain on the surface of the table. When appropriate, readers may be asked to place books and bound manuscripts on book rests or cradles, to use weights for holding books open, or to wear protective gloves. When in doubt about proper handling, please consult the Department staff.
  • Manuscript and archival materials circulate one box or folder at a time, as determined by staff.
  • The exact arrangement of unbound materials (papers in folders and folders in boxes) must be maintained. Only one folder may be removed from a box at one time.
  • Readers are permitted to consult multiple printed volumes. Depending on size and condition, Department staff may limit the number of books circulated at one time.

Staff are always happy to discuss these procedures and assist readers. For further information, patrons can visit our webpage at; or contact Daniel DiLandro at (716) 878-6308 or

Forms & Policies

 This guide provides instructions and policies of the Archives & Special Collections Department for new or returning visitors.

 This form is for first-time users of the Archives & Special Collections Department and is REQUIRED for collection use and access.

 The following policies govern access, copying, and distribution of collection materials.






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