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E. H. Butler Library, Buffalo State, The State University of New York

Archives & Special Collections: Complete Collection Listing

Collection List

George Arthur Political Papers [ca. 1978-ca. 1995] 
George Borrelli Political Newspaper Clippings and Material [1962-2003] 
Andrew Brown Choral Arts Collection [ca. 1968-1991] 
Buffalo Evening News Collection (Stephen and Rachel Cain) [1930s-ca. 1970s] 
Edward H. Butler - Family Papers [1880-1956] 

Stephen & Rachel Cain Collection [ca. 1930-1970]
Robert Cantrick - Original Music Collection [1990s] 
Margaret Goff Clark-Children and Young Adult Literature Collection and Papers [ca. 1930-ca. 1980] 
Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain Family Papers Collection (reproductions) [1884-1908]
College Club of Buffalo [ca. 1914-ca. 1994] 
Courier-Express Newspaper Collections [1926-1982]

The Dr. Madeline Davis LGBTQ Archive of Western New York [ca. 1920-2015; bulk 1960-2015]
Dr. Fraser Drew - Langston Hughes Correspondence [1950-1967] 
William Engelbrecht - Iroquois Ceramic Coding Papers [ca. 1969-1995] 
The Diane English Script Collection [1988-1995] 
Arthur O. Eve Collection

Lydia Fish Folklore Collection
Lydia Fish Local Church Collection

Tom Fontana Collection [ca. 1973-present] 
Monroe Fordham Regional History Center 
Manny Fried Collection [bulk 1950-1980]
Fronczak Room Collections 

Hertha Ganey - Children's Book Collection [1900s] 
Lester Glassner African American Experience Collection: Artifacts, Sheet Music, and Ephemera [ca. 1850- ca. 2005] 
The Audrey Barrett Gleason Fashion Illustration Collection [1959-2014, bulk 1960-1980]

John C. Gowan Collection
Great Lakes United Environmental and Ecological Issues Collection [1984-2004] 
Zane Grey - Book Collection [1900s] 
Guildford Microfilm Collection

Joseph Haeffner - WBEN and WBEN-TV Records and Papers [1920s-1980s] 
Holland Land Company Papers (microfilm)
Gustav Holst Hammersmith Collection [ca. 1930-ca. 1954] 

Ida Kempke and Charles Root - Textbook Collection [ca. 1750-ca. 1960] 
David Lampe Poetry Collection [ca. 1960-present] 
Lois Lenski Children and Young Adult Literature Collection [1930-1974] 
Lit-Mus Study Club (of Buffalo) Papers [1930s-1990s] 

Muriel Merritt Poetry Collection [1972-1974]
Richard B. Morris Historical Papers [ca. 1976] 
Rev. Jesse Nash Collection
Neighborhood Housing Services of South Buffalo Records [1979-1986] 
New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA) Records [ca. 1950-ca. 1995] 
New York State Department of Education - Educational Slides Collection
New York State Geographical Association Records [1935-1947] 
Niagara Linguistics Society Records [ca. 1985-ca. 1990] 
Hank Nuwer Hazing Collection [ca. 1970-present] 

Frederick Law Olmsted (Microfilm) Papers [1777-1952] 
Alex Osborn Creative Studies Collection
Panhellenic Association - Buffalo Alumnae Records [1946-1988] 
Charles Rand Penney Art Library & Papers [ca. 1900-present] 
Harold F. Peterson - Latin American Artifact and Slide Collection [1923-1977] 
Phelps Family Children's Book Collection
Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Sallie Randolph - Children and Young Adult Literature Papers [1960s-1980s] 
Paul G. Reilly Indian Collection [1948-1976] 
Anne Rogovin - Teaching Materials Collection and Papers [ca. 1970-ca. 1992] 
Milton Rogovin Correspondence Collection
William Schmidt Commercial Art Collection [1936-1975] 
Michael Shea Papers [ca. 1880-ca. 1914]
Rita Smith Collection
[1930-1988, 1997]
Society of Women Geographers [1975-1980] 
Eleanor T. Murray Studio Arena Collection [bulk 1960-1990]
SUNY Buffalo State Oral History Project [1975-1994]
SUNY Buffalo State Photograph Collection [1871-2009]

William Tallmadge Music Collection [ca. 1925-ca. 1975] 
Irving Tesmer Western New York Geological Literature Collection [1800s-1900s] 
Paul Torrance Collection
Western New York Foreign Language Education Council Records [ca. 1974-ca. 1987] 
Western New York Geographical Association Records [1935-1947] 
Western New York Peace Center

Peter Yates Musical Composition and Material Collection [mid 20th century] 
Lance Zavitz Radio Show Transcripts Collection [1935 -1940]

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