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Bengal Card Office


The Bengal Card Office in the Student Union provides support to Buffalo State students, faculty, and staff in all areas of operation relating to their Bengal Card, the official card used for dining, printing, vending machines, and library services. If you have questions about your Bengal Card, please contact the Bengal Card Office by e-mail, or stop by in person during office hours.

Bengal Cards are printed and distributed at the Butler Library Circulation desk. Replacement cards cost $15. You may order a new card  and have your picture taken in-person, but it is easier to order online.

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Bengal Card Application

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What is a Bengal Card?

What is a Bengal Card?

Bengal Card is the multipurpose photo ID issued to students, faculty, and staff at Buffalo State. Each card has a unique identification number assigned to the cardholder. It is the official ID for the use of college services and facilities.

How do I get a Bengal Card?

How do I get a Bengal Card?

To receive a Bengal Card, you must be a currently registered student or on the current college personnel roster. A valid photo ID (drivers license, passport, etc.) must be shown to obtain your card. Bengal Cards are available at the Circulation Desk in the lower lobby of E. H. Butler Library.

As a distance learner, how do I get a Bengal Card?

As a distance learner, how do I get a Bengal Card?

Simply complete the online application and your ID will be mailed to you. To prevent identity theft and fraud, we request that you attach a secondary form of photo identification that contains your address (e.g., scan of your drivers license, learner permit, etc.).

What is my Bengal Card used for?

What is my Bengal Card used for?

Your Bengal Card has many important uses:

  • Library Card

    Your Bengal Card is used to check out materials and reserve items at Butler Library and can be used to check out materials at all other SUNY libraries.

  • Printing and Photocopying

    Your Bengal Card may be used to make photocopies and laser prints in the library (learn more). Money may be added to your card at the add-value machines located in the StudyQuad and the Information Commons computer labs.

  • Extended Library Hours Bengal Card

    For security purposes, all current Buffalo State students, faculty, and staff must produce a valid Bengal Card for admittance to the library after 11:00 p.m.

  • Meal Card

    Your Bengal Card is your meal debit card for all food services on campus.

  • Vending

    Your card can also be used to get snacks and beverages from campus vending machines.

How do I replace my Bengal Card?

Replacing Your Bengal Card

Your initial Bengal Card is free of charge. Replacement Bengal Cards cost $15.00. A new picture is required. If your Bengal Card is reported stolen, please provide a police report and we can replace your Bengal Card at no cost.

If your Bengal Card or CRAM Pass is confiscated for illegal use, it will be destroyed, and if eligible, you may purchase a new Bengal Card or CRAM Pass.

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Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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