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Faculty are invited to use this guide for information regarding scholarly publishing, open access, bibliometrics, and APC information. E. H. Butler Library Subscribes to many resources that can assist faculty with scholarship endeavors, please contact a l

Open Access Mandate for Federally Funded Research

Open Access Mandate

Open Access Mandate 2026 - Federally Funded Research 

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In August of 2022, President Biden announced that all federally funded research must immediately be made openly available to the public. This legislation takes effect in 2026. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), has already implemented a policy that makes NIH funded research available to the public. This does not necessarily mean that the published research is "Open-Access" by the definition of the term. There are many questions still revolving around the impact of this legislation: 

  • What will this mean for journal subscriptions and packages? 
  • How will open-access publishing and Article Processing Fees (APCs) be impacted? 
  • What license will I have to publish under? 

We will continue to monitor the impact of this legislation and share news regarding the outcomes. In the meantime, the following is a list of readings that will shed some light on this legislation and the effects on scholarly output: 

Google Scholar Funding Agencies Help Page 

Many research funding agencies promote broad access to funded research by mandating that articles describing the research should be publicly available. The Public Access section of a Google Scholar profile contains the articles that are expected to be publicly available based on funding agency mandates. For each article, you can view the applicable mandates and see if it is publicly available. If the article has a publicly available version, a link marked [PDF] or [HTML] appears on the right hand side.

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